Having trouble finding leggit info regarding Operator & Landman

Family was contacted by a independent landman stating that he was intrested in leasing our mineral. He first said that he was working with a company named Matador and would see about getting the money together to make us an offer. When he came back he was working with a company called Maverick Exploration Company. I tried look up the landman and he doesn’t even have a web page. I also looked up the operator and could not find a web site. How can I confirm these companies?

Matador Resources is a privately held company in Dallas.

Maverick Exploration (there are many companies with a name variation on this, so who knows which one) is in Tyler, Texas.

Most landmen do not have a webpage.

Hello, ME. I, too, was contacted by a landman from Matador Land Services, LLC out of Midland, TX. (I didn't find any association with a Dallas company, but perhaps that's another part of their mystery.) Their "webpage" has only their contact information, though I found multiple landmen from that company on LinkedIn - but that didn't really help. Matador has no problems with the Better Business Bureau, but the owner's name seems to have some odd associations after I rooted further. So far, I told the landman that I needed to research the matter.

I don't know how best to confirm this company since yours is close to the only post on Matador that I've seen ANYWHERE - I get more hits on myself when I Google than on this company. I find that more than a bit disconcerting.

I'm still rooting around, and just found this forum. Our property is Hockley county.

Dear Mr. Travis (love your name),

Matador Land Services has NO relationship to Matador Resources. If it was Matador Land Services, ask who the client is. Then you will have better information.

Hi, Mr. Cotten - well I did some internet research and found that the owner of Matador is also the owner of Concho Resources…I had that in my notes when the landman told me that Matador was simply the company that secured leases for their client, Concho. I pointed out that they were owned by the same guy, so I understand. Honestly. Today, the landman says that they are at a place of “take it or leave it,” and they are unwilling to negotiate from their initial offer ($250/20%) so I’m mulling it over. I’m leaning toward patience since this seems like a big step, and I’d like to be more savvy before proceeding. Many thanks - (PS - it’s Ms.)

Hi Stryker,

Unless I overlooked it, I didn't see a reference to where your minerals are located. You should consider hiring Mr. Cotten to handle your negotiations. He has the expertise to deal with these landmen and protect you with the proper lease clauses. They can't pull this "take it or leave it" BS on him. He knows how the game is played and will get you the most he can. I am personally working with him now and can tell you he is honest and looking out for my interest.

Many thanks for the recommendation - our minerals are in Hockley/Lubbock Counties - this forum has been invaluable and for someone who knew nothing a few weeks ago, I am delighted to have it as a resource.