Have you signed the contract with the Landman yet?

Hello Neighbors,

Just 4 days ago I was approached by someone that said he was an independant Landman for Devon Energy, and he wanted to lease my mineral rights for a purposed drilling project for my neighborhood. I live on Indian Trail, off of FM2450, in NorthWest Denton County-Texas. This Man stated that he "had already signed up most of my Neighbors all the way back to Jane Long rd." (I have spoken with over half a dozen of my Neighbors and only 1 of them confirmed signing the lease agreement thus far.)

One of my Neighbors stated that he was told they were planning on drilling in the field behind Jane Long rd. and another was told it would be near the corner of Michael rd. and FM2450 (which is the opposite direction.) It seems that different stories are being told to people and no one actually knows for sure where this drilling will take place. When I asked the 'representative', he just turned and pointed in the NW direction and stated "somewhere over there." (non commital and non specific.)

I am interested in speaking with anyone that has dealt with Devon Energy in the past, and with anyone in the area that lives in the NW Denton Estates that are concerned about the issue.

I am also planning on meeting with people in the region that have had experiences with having a drilling rig in their Neighborhoods and asking that they share with us, how drilling has affected their quality of life, water supply, ect.

Feel free to share your experiences and join in on the discussion. IF YOU LIVE IN THE NORTHWEST DENTON ESTATES, PLEASE JOIN OUR LIST AND send me a private message with your phone number so I can contact you with information on the upcoming meeting. We will be organizing a meeting with the residents in this area within the next 2 weeks or so, where we can discuss our thoughts and hopefully get some of our questions answered. I am hopeing that we can get someone to come and speak to us about their experiences with having a drilling rig in their Neighborhood, as well as possibly having someone that works in the Legal field, speak regarding the contract agreement.

Thanks for your interest in this issue, and I look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

~Cindy Dampf, Resident on Indian Trail

Contact Email: CLinTexas@aol.com

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