Have You Received your 2020 1099 Form(s) for Your Royalties?

Given the unprecedented times, we’ve heard multiple stories surrounding receipt of year-end 1099 forms (that you’ll need for your federal income tax filing).

Allow this Topic to serve as a place to gather data on this from our audience.

If you HAVE received your 2020 1099 form(s), simply reply by writing the Company Name(s) from which you received your 1099(s). This will let thousands of others know that in fact the company is sending out 1099’s (albeit some may be sending them in batches).

Foundation Energy - received my 2020 1099

Occidental Permian Ltd

Legacy Reserves Operating

CML Exploration

Sunoco Partners Marketing

Kinder Morgan

Prairie Gas Co of OK FDL Operating CVR Refining/Extex Sunoco Stephens & Johnson Contango Resources Kelly Cook Oil Kelly Maclaskey Oilfield Svc Dorado Oil Co Central Crude Corp Citation Oil & Gas Koda Operating Circle 9 Sheridan Production OEMI BRG Energy Oklahoma Oil Mgmt Merit Energy Sanguine Gas Legacy Oklahoma Operators Calyx Energy Plains All American Pipeline MV Purchasing

Devon Energy sent me mine.

You don’t need a 1099 to file your taxes.

Chesapeake Energy 1099 received February 1st.

I’m only posting Texas and New Mexico:

Received: Marathon Continental Cobra Petro-Hunt Zavanna Lime Rock Northwestern MCR

Did not receive: Plains Marketing

Wexpro but I am still waiting for my DR-21W from the same company.

CP Energy LLC Sent Mine

Anschutz …

Calyx, Charter Oak, Cimarex, Chesapeake, Ovintiv, Redland, Bays Exploration, Marathon, ScissorTail, Ascent, TPR, Tripower, Plains, Glacier, Continental, Ok Petroleum, Strat Land, Firstrike, Red Bluff, Rimrock, CP Energy, Stephens, Central Crude, Vitol, MV Purchasing, ConocoPhillips, Deisendorth, XTO, Bud Oil, Enerwest, Foundation, Fairway, Diamonback, Phillips 66, USG, Casillas, Riviera, Basis, Kelly Cook, Pride, Chisholm, Spess, Chaparral, Revolution, Western, Warwick-Jupiter, BRG, Brietburn, Devon, Circle 9, Kaiser-Francis, Fourpoint, Blackrock, TK Drilling, Canyon Creek, Sunoco, New Dominion, Wellco, Trinity, Webb, Superior Pipeline, Briar Oil, CE III, Rimrock, Coffeyville