Have not received our monthly mineral interest royalty

We have not received our normal monthly royalty payment from Parsley Energy. Last month we got a small payment that did not include oil revenue. This well is less than a year old & is located in Section 53, Block 8. Is there an issue with Parsley or does this type of thing happen occasionally?

Most companies have some kind of minimum…$50 or $100 to cut a check. If your payout does not meet the minimum, then it rolls over month by month until there is enough to cut a check that meets their minimum. On oil wells that have tanks, there also has to be enough production to send a truck to pick it up…so if it is a low producing well it might take 2-3 months or 12 months before there is enough to fill the tank. If those ideas don’t help you can always call the royalty owner number on your check stub to check the status. A few companies may use Oildex or a similar software product so you can check online.