Have Lease Agreement - Not Getting Royalties


My sister, brother, and I are heirs to acreage in Section 34-7N-4W. My sister and I have a lease, but are not receiving royalties. My brother was “pooled” and is receiving royalties. Exploring other avenues, but may need a gas and oil attorney to sort things out. Looking for an oil and gas attorney recommendation in/near Oklahoma City. We are non-residents from the Pacific Northwest. Found Ball, Morse, Lowe in Norman - and they seem highly regarded in their city. Would they be able to represent us in Norman courts?




The first thing I would do is contact the operator and see what the issue is. That is free. It may be something as simple as a question on title, or just a simple mistake. They may owe you interest if your title is clear.



Great point. Ask for title issue from the company. By the way, Norman is not the county seat for McClain. Purcell is where the court is located. Most oil and gas probate attorneys work statewide.