Have been approached to sell in tyler county

Hello i am so glad i found this site. i inherited a 1/6 share on 105 acres in McElroy district Tyler county WV. i have been approached by Alpine Energy out of Bridgeville PA. to sell my mineral interest. to be honest i am totally new to this and have i am ashamed to say zero knowledge in how this works. they offered me 2,500 an acre on an undivided 25% interest in 105.456250 gross acres or 17.5760 net acres. i do know that some of the other heirs have signed a lease with Acent oil and gas on their shares of this property but i did not. i just need some help, i do not want to be cheated and just need someone to give me some insight on what they experienced. i honestly dont know even if i should sell or maybe just hold on to this…any help would be appreciated thank you.

Individual circumstances vary but often it is best to hold onto the mineral rights. I know that there have been a lot of new permits in that district lately. When I am at my computer later I can try to find them and see f the company is Antero or someone else. Antero might be interested in leasing them from you. I suggest considering getting an attorney to give some advice. I can give attorney suggestions then as well. Many will give a quick phone consultation for free.

Thank you very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Here are some websites that might be helpful in finding out about activity in the area. WV Office of oil and gas Permits search Select Tyler and select some recent months. You can see which companies are getting permits to drill. WV Office of oil and gas Map When you find an API number for a well in the first site you can take the part after “47” and put it in the map Attribute search and zoom in. Some recent permits that are Ellsworth district are 095-02616, 095-02617, …18, …19, and …20. You can view them and look around. Those are Antero wells (permits to drill, not drilled yet). I can recommend Windom Law Offices in Ritchie county, the one directly south of Tyler 304-643-4440 (Harrisville WV). I know you can request a phone conversation to get started, to see if you want to have one of their lawyers (Scott and Rodney Windom) help you decide about selling or leasing, whether to the company your relatives have signed with or Antero or somebody else. It is not bad for more than one company to lease different owners of minerals such as you describe. They can make arrangements with each other. Antero tends to be a good company to work with but Scott or Rodney know the area pretty well. If you decide to sell they can help find the best buyer and help with the sales deed. Some mineral buyers try to cheat the seller (surprise!) I have lots of other ideas for finding information if you want to do more research. website for documents research for Tyler and other counties Select Tyler then select “Indexed Search” for the recent documents (maybe since 2000 or 2010). The older records are at Archive Search and are a lot more complicated to find but much easier than driving to the courthouse… Let me know if you want help with that. Or more ideas!


Thank you Nancy you have helped me tremendously and it is much appreciated…looks like i have my work cut out for me thank you again :slight_smile:)

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It can be a lot of fun, looking around on those sites.

Yes indeed lol i am finding that out

$2500/acre is a very low price to sell your minerals for in Tyler County. The entire county has excellent Marcellus production potential and McElroy District could have Utica production in the distant future. You can probably lease for more than that right now if somebody (probably Antero, like Nancy suggested) is interested in taking a lease. There are two other companies that might be interested in taking a lease on your minerals, one is JayBee (but they’ll likely be trying to trade it to Antero as most of JayBee’s production area is in the western part of Tyler County and McElroy District is the east part of the county), and the other is EQT. I hadn’t heard anything from Ascent in a long time. Did they take those leases from your family members recently?

Thank you Kyle your info is much appreciated and very helpful :smile:

I’d stay clear of EQT. They never return calls and seems Iike the desk is totally not informed on even who to direct you to. Plus they just had a large legal settlement against them. Shady company as far as I’m concerned. Anterio has been pretty decent, but remember it’s what’s best for their bottom line.


Agreed. EQT is the bully on the block. Since the Rice brothers took over they’ve been talking some nice talk, but I haven’t seen the walk yet, so the jury is out on whether EQT will really be a good company to work with in the future.

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Hello, a little off topic but asking Nancy if the WV Office of oil and gas map link you gave is updated regularly? I used it to find areas we have leased(very helpful). Thanks

EQT …bad to do business with

Nancy, good information. I have interest in W. Va. and am familiar with with Windom’s. For conflict reasons, I need to locate an attorney and landmen who are of equal caliber. Are you familiar with others? Thanks

I have a lease with Jay-Bee, and I am happy for now with them. they are ALWAYS available to work with me and answer questions. I talked with them a few weeks ago since Antero gave me a REALLY LOW offer. Jay-Bee is not permitted to offer any leases currently due the bad economy and say they have not drilled since last March (or at least that’s what they told me). But yet they CAN offer to buy my interest and a Quit Claim Deed to sell.