Hasta 1206 23 1-mh

I have a few acres in Canadian County 23 12N 6W and have just cleared title through probate etc. I got my first check from Camino Natural Resources for the HASTA 1206 23 1MH well and the check detail covers all of last year since production began and goes through this February. The check detail shows gas, oil, and plant products. What I’m wondering about is the oil production. The averages per day for the last few months is somewhere on the 20-25 barrels per day range. Is this well a dud? Or will it possibly hit it’s stride somewhere down the line? Another general question…Are low producing wells ever fracked a second time? Camino has sunk a lot of money into this hole and their not getting much in return. With the proposed Roan wells in the section there must be something down below for all this activity to be going on but the low production of this one makes me wonder.