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Hi. I've just joined you, apparently the only other member, in this group. I've just been approached by Gem Production LC of Wichita Falls with a proposed paid up lease for mineral rights on acreage just outside of Rule. Offer is $50 per acre and 1/6 royalty. Looks very low to me. Do you know anyting about what other leases in the area are going for? Also, the landman was evasive re fracking, about which I have concerns. Apparently, there is fracking in Fisher to extend life of older wells. Do you know anything else about fracking going on in Fisher? Thanks a lot for any info you share.


Oops. I said Fisher, I meant Haskell.

Gina, what sec. township, range are you in?

I am very frustrated and hope I can get some help here. My grandfather owned mineral rights in Haskell County, OK and elsewhere. He died in 1960. My mom died recently and this is what started me looking into the mineral rights. Mom inherited her rights from my dad (son of my grandfather who died in 1960. Dad died in 1993. Apparently my grandfather's mineral rights did not get fully assigned to his heirs (my dad and his sister) after he died. I found lots of unclaimed properties for my grandfather, all from the Haskell County minerals, in both Oklahoma and Texas. I contacted the companies who have been drilling. One company has been very cooperative and is transferring the rights to my brother and me but the others are asking for an "affidavit of heirship", signed by someone who knew my grandfather and my dad and mom. I have all the other documents they need such as wills and death certificates for all involved, but the affidavit of heirship is impossible to provide since anyone (not family) who knew my grandfather is now deceased.

Yes, even with the right paperwork there seems to be no help from the oil companies. If u can get the interests into your names that might go a long way. If not its time for a lawyer you can trust to write “official paperwork” declaring your claim. Companies haven’t listened to me but they have listened to the lawyer. If you have everything in order that will save lawyer time which is also money.

Thanks Rick. I am at the point of going to a lawyer. Good comments!

Anyone know of an excellent lawyer & title opinion company in Haskell? Also, would anyone be local willing to do research? Clerks office...stonewalls...

I hired an attorney to do a quiet title transfer in order to get my grandfather’s mineral rights in Haskell County transferred to my brother and me. My 2 cousins are in process of completing their quiet title. We four are the only heirs of our grandfather. His interest was not a large percentage but there are a lot of acres involved and quite a few oil companies have been extracting minerals (OK unclaimed property was how I discovered these minerals). We have never had a lease. Does it make sense for the four heirs to go together and request leases from the oil companies extracting minerals?

My siblings and I inherited mineral rights in 2004 (we are named on the trustee deed). None of us have ever been contacted regarding leasing (or anything else) on two properties (T10N, R22E, Sec 12). Is this area actively producing? If so, any idea how we might proceed?

I have a somewhat similar question to Barbara, except that the area of our interest (Sec 4, T 9N, 22E, or around 6 miles from hers) has been leased twice in the past. If it has been drilled on, I'm not aware of it, as I only own mineral rights and have never been there. The last lease has expired.

Is there an online resource with publicly available documents showing past and present activity in this area?

Hi Steve, I've gotten familiar with a few of the databases in the Oklahoma state government systems.

Try these two for information:

Well production, OCC: http://occpermit.com/WellBrowse/Home.aspx

Production records from the OK Tax records: https://www4.oktax.onenet.net/GrossProduction/PublicSearchPUNbyLegal.php

Thanks, Barbara. Those are very helpful links.

I may have to draw myself a map and do some systematic exploring, and that gives me something to use.

My name is Troy Curtis, a landman, with Concho Land Company in Freedom, OK as well as Oklahoma City. I thought while times are slower, I would offer to help with any questions people may have in general and post my email, conchojobs@gmail.com for any and all questions. I also wanted to offer our services for individuals in need of mineral research or help with production related concerns in all Oklahoma Counties and the surrounding states.

I recently received an unsolicited offer to buy mineral rights in Haskell county OK -23-8N-19E and 7-7N-19E approximately 20 acres at $500 per acre. Is there a way to evaluate the market for this area. The properties have been paying a small amount of royalties $200/year

Since BP bought a large portion of the wells in Haskell county and sent me new division orders, I am hoping they will do some horizontal deep drilling there. Anybody have any ideas?