Haskell County, OK Force Pool

We own mineral rights in Haskell County OK and have been approached to sell by a third party. In researching the offer I discover there is a well being drilled where our minerals are. We were not contacted by the operator drilling the well while they were requesting approvals and making notifications because they used an incorrect address. I notified the responsible landman for the operator of the error and provided the correct address. Now there is a pooling order but we are not listed. We contacted the operator to ask why we were not included in the pooling order and was told we were not listed because our interest was being held by production. The operator has contacted us since to advise they made a mistake in the drilling title opinion so our interest is not being held by production.

Shortly after this their leasing broker offered a lease at the same rates as is stated in the pooling order. We have not responded to the lease offer.

We contacted the operator to ask if they intended to amend the pooling order and they said yes, that they would be doing a cleanup order to cover our interest. It's been nearly a month since this communication and we have not been notified of the cleanup pooling order.

Now we've been asked by the operating company to submit a revised PPLA and they will honor it. Isn't this their responsibility?

What are they doing?

At what point are they trespassing?

Do you own the surface and minerals?

Minerals only.

Have you joined the Haskell County Forum?

Interesting problem, please confirm

  • No lease
  • Not notified by mail
  • You name not published

What has happened since your last post?

Nothing more except that that Landman sent an email to me asking if I intended to lease or wait on the amended pooling order. The money offered is the same for both. I haven’t responded yet.

Probably should request a draft of the lease. You may be in a good position to negotiate better terms including bonus, royalty, no deduct clause, etc.