Has everybody in Lawrence County leased their oil & gas

Has everybody in Lawrence County Leased their oil & gas? or had any offers to lease or sell?

we haven’t heard anything ! if anyone finds anything out please let us know…

Our lease came to an end around November and we haven’t heard a peep. 64 acres around rte 32 yatesville area. Anybody else?

We were approached by Hayes a few years ago but their pricing was very low. From my research the prices they offered were what others were executing lease agreements at. But, why sign so cheaply!? Our family decided not sign any lease agreements at that time. Have not had anyone come back to us with interest in leasing or drilling. Prices are low and supply is high, I guess. We have approximately 1200 acres in the Lawrence, Johnson and another neighboring county area. Sorry, the other counties name escapes me at this time. Wish someone would come back around with fair pricing and common sense instead of blowing smoke up our backside hoping we’ll roll over and play dumb. Bad ethics!!!