Has Anyone "seen" Bedrock Oil & Gas

My wife and her siblings signed a lease in 2011 with Bedrock Oil & Gas, LLC for some property in Daniels County. In trying to contact them, the number of their letterhead goes to some individuals voice mail box. They show an address in Boerne, TX. However, directory assistance shows nothing for them in that area. Fortunately, their bonus check did clear the bank! Anyone have any recent contact with this outfit?

I can help you out with the contact information for Bedrock Oil & Gas, LLC. Their address is: 28709 Interstate Hwy 10 W, Boerne, TX 78006. Their phone number is: 210-710-3679. If you don't get a response their, try 830-816-2107 and talk to Stacy. If she can't help you, she can direct you to someone who can.

Is anyone leasing in Daniels County? I have well over 1,000 acres to lease. Contact me at Rich98584@aol.com