Harrison Oil and Gas -7n-13e, Pittsburg county

According to documents from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), Harrison Oil and Gas received some 56 wells from Brower Oil and Gas in October, 2019, almost all in township 7n, range 13e. I manage wells in 35-7n-13e and have received no royalty interest since the transfer between those two companies. I wrote a letter to Harrison Oil & Gas in June; no response. I phoned Bryan Cecil, president of Harrison Oil & Gas in July. He said there were problems but he hoped to begin payment soon. In August I emailed Harrison Oil & Gas; no response. Today I called Harrison Oil & Gas; no answer. I today called Brower Oil & Gas; a lady there said Harrison Oil & Gas “hadn’t started payouts” and that was all that she knew. According to OCC and Oklahoma Tax Commission production data, section 35 has produced around 43,000 mcf since the transfer from Brower to Harrison. Who pocketed the money from the sale of our gas? Is anyone else having this problem?