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I would like to know if anyone has experienced the interruption of their oil or gas royalties during mining operations on the land? Is there compensation to the oil or gas company from the mining company for this interruption?

Thank you very much for welcoming me to the group.

Does anyone know whether or not there is a plethora of oil or natural gas coming from the Harrison County Area? My daughter and I receive royalties; however, the amount is minimal.

To my understanding, the gas is very plentiful. It is possibly a part of the huge shale reservoir which stretches from Ft Worth Texas into Louisiana (Haynesvlille Shale) I understand another shale has been discovered just above Haynesvlille Shale.

We have interest in both Haynesvlille Shale and the Harrison County gas fields.

The oil has never been fully pursued in Harrison County. There has been a long running attempt to get the small mineral owners to sell out before big production starts.

Keep your mineral interest. Pass it on the your children and teach them to hold on to it. One day it will pay off big. Just got an offer in mail from a mineral company offering $30,000. for our interest in Harrison. We put it in File 13.

You will get a lot of offers also, because production and prices are down. That allow them to calculate the value of your interest much lower than it's worth. Don't fall for it.

One other thing. Oil and Gas companies have a history of drilling then capping the wells. They will only open them up when it's to their advantage. They know the market and shape the market by opening and closing valves to the oil and gas supply.

It seems to be quiet in the Natural Gas exploration field. Where are all the explorers?

Anyone working with Anadarko in Harrison or Marion County?

Sorry I have never heard of them yet. Let us know how you do with them.

I want to learn more about the oil and gas industry. Any one know of any on line classes?


Can anyone tell me where I should go to see if any activity is going on in the surrounding area of my land in Karnack, TX. I'm thinking I need to go to whatever the county is? Which I think is Harrison County. Also, this land (Mineral) is still in my Dad and Mom's name left to the "Heirs" (my brother and I), do we need to get signed as legal representatives if we want to lease or sell?

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Dorothy, Before making the drive, look at the video tutorial on the Home page of this site on how to pull information from the RRC website.

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