Harris North- no activity

The Harris North unit has had a permit approved to drill since Oct 17, 2017 yet no drilling has started. I read that after 2 yrs if there is no well started then the permit will expire. Not sure what the reason is that there has been no well drilled. If allowed to expire , will it be difficult to get approved again?

After 2 years the Permit will expire and if the operator ATLAS EAGLE FORD OPERATOR CO still wants to drill the will have to apply for another permit. Unless if the operator has commenced operations then the current permit will stay in effect. By the looks the operator will be using the same pad site as the HARRIS UNITS south of the HARRIS NORTH UNIT I believe that would constitute Operation Commenced and the permit would stay in effect.

I will tell you that on my units they built the pad site on the 24th month that made me a happy camper. You still have till mid OCT 2019. I would be patient and see what happens in OCT, if nothing happen contact ATLAS EAGLE FORD OPERATOR CO and ask them What Up.

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