Harper county mineral leases

Does anyone know if there are any oil companys still looking to lease mineral rights in south central harper county?


My name is Ryan Kelley, I worked for Woolsey then Shell out there. I would think that Shell would still be buying leases. They did have an office on North bluff in Anthony next to Brandon Gerbers place. So you might check there. I know leases went from 30 per acre to 1000 per acre and now back to 100 per acre. They did not find as much oil as they had hoped for.

So does this look like the end of the so called harper county oil boom, I have heard that they still think there is lots of oil here but still don't know how to produce it. Is there any truth to this?

I have several clients with acreage coming open in both southern Harper and Barber County, Ks., next month. Matt, I am like you in that I would be very interested in knowing if any of the companies who were previously active in this area (SandRidge, CHK, Shell) are looking to renew or extend their leases in these counties.

Bob, good to hear from you. After I saw matts post I called around. It sounds like there is still a lot f positive data being collected. The biggest dissapointment has simply been how much more difficult it has been to complete a well. The oil is there it is just still up to the engineers to figure out the science. Safe to say they overall have found 30% of what was expected. Some of the bigger companies have located good areas to stay in and the rest is for sale. There has been great shows north of the original ms lime focus and of course oklahoma has been very succesful. Ultimatley the larger companies simply spend to much overhead to make the play pan out for 20 yrs or so. Of course science can sure change that. The play is by no means over but prices are back to what is more realistic. Landowners were simply fortunate enough t o Have a lot of competitors leasing at the same time and the unknown of how good the play might have been. I did find out that 3 of the players are only buying leases in a very defined area. Take care guys and I hope I could help a little. Good luck

Leasing Agent 007...Continental Land Resources has called wanting to lease our very small net mineral acreage in Harper County, Sec 36-33S-5W (don't have terms yet). Must still be something of interest there. What do you suggest we look for in a deal here?

Disregard my previous post. Learned that Sandridge has decided to put-off leasing for now. Oh well.