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The most I have heard is $1250 from a few companies. The most I have heard Shell Pay is $1,000 1/5 3 yrs.

Our family inherited mineral interest in T34-R6W-S25. Does anyone know if there is any activity in that area? Thank you

Google kcc intent to drill. And you will see all the permitted wells for the county selected. Everything seems to be top secret on the Shell Oil wells being drilled. Time will tell !! Is your placed leased ?

Chad, thanks for letting me know what to do here. No, it is not leased at this time. Trying to pick up loose ends on what our family has inherited. Thanks for the info.

Are there any landmen that can let me know if S25-T34-R6W SE/4 of the NE/4 is in a leasing area? I would appreciate feedback please.


This land is in a great area, I leased land in Harper for years and this is a good area. Call shell. They are the only company that will be there for years down the road. The comment about them being secret about drilling,it is the oil biz and they have invested literally a billion dolllars in Kansas, not so sure I would let my competition know where I was going either. Good luck, hope your land proves to be as good as the last few wellls hit in the county

Thanks for the info. Who do I need to contact at Shell - a landman? Where is the parent company for Shell located?

113 north bluff in Anthony Kansas is the local office. They have landmen and a fully staffed office there.

Thank you so much for the address. I will give a report on what I find out!

Has anyone heard anything as to when Shell will release production data from some of the first drilled wells. For a county that is so active I thought there would be more post about how the wells are turning out by now. I know the older guys at the Cafe drinking coffee have all the info and gossip in the mornings but I guess most of them too old to post on here !! Lol