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Where are lands recently leased from School districts?


We have some mineral right in SD Is anything going on up there? A lady in the county clerks office told us about 5 yrs ago that we needed to file a affidavit of owner ship and needed to do that every 20 yrs. are we could lose them. So we filed one. Some one told me we also had to file one in ND. every 10 yrs if you had Mineral there.


Any recommendations for an attorney in Harding or McPherson CO? or SD?



A rancher acquaintance recommended Belle Fourche attorney Mr. Max Main, who wrote an oil and gas lease for him. Mr. Main was interviewed on 9-22-2012 by Andrea J. Cook of the Rapid City Journal for the article "Energy leases can be tricky, stockgrowers told" (Link: http://rapidcityjournal.com/news/energy-leases-can-be-tricky-stockgrowers-told/article_61bc2e6e-4164-566c-a5b1-c2c2e80069f5.html).


we have heard that banning together in groups of mineral rights owners is helpful in negotiating better values. Does anyone else have ideas about this?

Mike Tikkanen


On the question about recording mineral rights I have been told to read statue SDCL 43-30A about abandoned mineral interests ;

  1. Chapter 43-30A - South Dakota Codified Laws

    43-30A-1 "Mineral interest" defined. 43-30A-2 Abandonment by nonuser and failure to file statement--Vesting in surface owner. 43-30A-3 Acts constituting use of ...