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So when will the first spud be drilled in Hamilton county? Any ideas?


My family has held interests in Hamilton since the 40s, and we're involved in a few wells that have produced for decades.

Where in Hamilton County are you asking about?

Well I was just wondering if ANY wells using fracking have been started ... or ANY plans to start one in Hamilton county.

You do know that hydraulic fracturing has been commonplace in areas with "tight" formations like shale sands since the 1920's, right?

Far as I know, 3 of the wells we own in Hamilton County have been acidized, swabbed, and "opened back up" using the same technology used in fracturing about every 15-20 years since they were first drilled.

Back in my Grampa's day, they used an acid mix along with varying sizes of sand and small hard rubber balls to keep the fissures open so the oil would travel more freely into the pipe.

Don't know if they tried to recover all of the carrier fluids; that was before I was allowed to go play in the oil patch.

Enhanced methods of oil/gas recovery cover the gamut of techniques and materials, but good engineering of the perforations is your best bet against taking the rap from poorly-informed alarmists that blame hydraulic fracturing for everything from "climate change" to earthquakes and "flammable tap water"

Here is an article that explains the delay in drilling in Hamilton County.


I no longer live in Illinois so the politicians care what I think. But all of you that live there need to get on the Governor to allow fracking so the oil companies can go to work. Without pressure the unions in Chicago are going to stall progress trying to get the oil fields unionized.

HI all, I own oil and gas rights in Hamilton County and I have a contract from an oil company to purchase these rights (royalties as a percentage). What I need to know is a way to "comp" (find comparable values) for this percentage to understand if the offer is worthwhile. Does anybody know how to "comp" oil and gas rights? Many thanks in advance for any thoughts. I appreciate it very much!

Hi, I live now in CA. Have some mineral rights in Hamilton County, IL from parents and grandparents who are now dead. Looking for names to contact concerning getting things lined up if needed. Companies or landman names who work or produce in the county to contact. thanks for any help.

Hi John White ... I sold my rights to "Wood Energy". They were paying $350 per acre with Royalty of 17.5 percent at the time. There number is 618 242 1600

Does anyone have a recommendation for a person (lawyer etc) to bring up to date different mineral rights interest in the names of deceased parents etc. I spoke to a lawyer in CA where I live now, he said I would need to have someone familiar with Hamilton County records since they are not on line. Anyone used someone familiar with the county records in Hamilton County Illinois

VanWinkle & VanWinkle, 301 S Jackson St, McLeansboro, IL 62859, (618) 643-4396