Hallmark Area Offer to Purchase Royalty Interests

We recently received an offer to purchase our royalty interest for $731. Should we accept the offer?

So far other than the up front payment of $700 for 25% royalty on our lot, we have only received one annual payment of $29 in royalties. The attached paper shows that the projected royalties for a typical lot should be starting at over $2,000 annually decreasing with time.

Are the wells in the Hallmark area (I35 & Sycamore School Rd.) beginning to produce? Or are they shut in?

2090-2009TarrantCountyBarnettShaleRevenueEstimateforNeighborhoods.pdf (488 KB)

Two of the four wells I found (north of Sycamore School rd) in Hallmark are shut in. The other two wells have very dismal production numbers compared with other wells in Tarrant County.

2009 data is not likely to be very reliable given the price of gas is even less than their lowest figure of $6.00/mcf. Either way, there is no telling what CHK may do with those wells. Maybe they will repair and turn them back on again someday. If you are seriously interested in selling, please send me a private message.