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The following map talks about new activity and leasing north of Lubbock area in Lubbock county and extending into Hale County. It shows the leased areas around Lubbock by KEW, Four Sevens, Empresa, etc.


The following link, from a seller of a large leasehold, gives a lot of good information about the leasing and geology of the new development in the Lubbock area, extending into Hale County.


Four Sevens has a drilling permit for another well in the Abernathy area, this time 3 miles NW of Abernathy in the edge of Hale County:

Hale County


I had recently contacted and old friend who farms and has land six miles south of Plainview on on hwy 400 and he has just signed a lease. He game me the land mans name and the broker which is Total Field Services out of Midland, TX. We have rights on Sec. 23 and 28 Block R. If anyone has information on this area please drop me a reply.


That's good information. I did not realize they were leasing that far north.

My farms are a little bit south of your friend, and back west (3 mi E of Hale Center), but we have not been contacted as of yet. We also have farms southeast of Olton, but have not been contacted on those either.

I'd be interested in what royalties/bonsues are negotiated if others who join this forum would be willing to share. I would add that in these farming areas, assuming you are also a landowner, it is particularly important to have a good addendum added to the lease to protect pivot irrigation system operations, ground water usage, etc.

Richard: Have a small interest in Section 19, Block R. That's about 8 miles southeast of Hale Center due east of IH27. It is bordered on the south by CR 225, on the north by CR215 and on the west by Way Rd. I have also been contacted about leasing this interest but have no idea what the going rate is for minerals in this area. Did your friend mention anything about what he got for a bonus per acre or royalty?

Mr. Cato: I have not talked to my friend but emailed him about this forum and that he could join. I hope he takes advantage of the opportunity. He was a friend from High School and I did not want to get to involved unless he would want to volunteer information. It appears we have rights in Sec 28 Blk R 297.7 acres and a percentage in Sec 23 Blk R

Thanks Richard.

I am attaching a complete map of Hale County which may be useful in referencing specific properties mentioned on this forum.

Hale County Abstract Map

I'm told Laredo Petroleum is offering 100.00 an acre for a 2 year lease with an option for an additional year for another $100 an acre, or $150 an acre per net mineral acre in Section 6, Block R, Abstract 1504 Hale County, Texas

I would recommend not leasing at those prices this early in the game, as I am told the four sevens Phillips well northwest of abernathy is a huge deep discovery.

Homer: I have a small interest in Section 19, Block R and have been offered $150 and 20%. Was considereing waiting - This interest is about 10 miles North and slightly east of Abernathy. Any info on this "discovery" ?

I can be reached at 806-759-0493

I understand that Springfield oil company is offering $60.00 per acre lease with a 5 year/3year extension on land south of Highway 70 and east of FM 400. This does not sound like that good of a lease compaired to the $ 100 to $ 150 per acre 3 yr leases around Petersburg. Any comments?

Four Sevens Exploration has recorded about 830 documents in the Hale County Clerk's office since Jan 1, 2012. Well over half of these are oil leases, with the remainder being ratifications and amendments. As I scanned through the leases, they appeared to be in far southern Hale County on the west half.

Probably the most encouraging thing is that they are continuing to lease up land. You can draw your own conclusions.

Laredo Petroleum has recorded a couple of hundred oil and gas leases in the last 6 months. Most of the recent ones have been in Block R and Block D7.

How can we find out when Laredo Petroleum actually starts drilling in Block R?


The best way is to periodically check the "Well Permits" inquiry from the Texas Railroad Commission:


You will need to choose "HALE" County and enter the opertor number 486610 for Laredo Petroleum; then hit SUBMIT.

At present, no well permits have been applied for in Hale County, though they are active in other counties to the south.

Another way is to watch the the oil section of theMidland Newspaper:


You'll need to watch the "WILDCAT" listings each week.

And hopefully, if somebody sees a well site going up, they will post it to this forum.

Thank you! That is very helpful information.