Halcon Resources to exit Burleson county

Halcon Resources has definitively agreed to sell its East Texas acreage to Hawkwood Energy, headquartered in Denver CO. The sale will include their Burleson county leases.

Hawkwood and Halcon have announced that they have closed on their agreement for Hawkwood to acquire Halcon's "El Halcon" leases. It is expected that Hawkwood could begin drilling in their newly acquired acreage this summer.

I have a question and its related to the sell of Halcon to Hawkwood.

My siblings leases were part of this sell to Hawkwood. Over 2 years ago, Halcon began drilling and a lawsuit was handed to us from another party that felt they were entitled to our rights. Our funds were put into suspense and we continued to pay the taxes to avoid additional legal issues.

Finally at the end of February 2017 the judge ruled in our favor and we won. Our lawyer informed us that we had to wait the 30 days before the funds could be released. For a few weeks our lawyer was in communication with Halcon and finally last week they informed us that our leases were sold to Hawkwood. Our lawyer has tried multiple times to get in touch with someone at Hawkwood and has had no success, I have tried numerous times as well and no one has returned our phone calls.

What are my next steps?

Has anyone dealt with Hawkwood with success?


Try contacting laura.smith@hawkwoodenergy.com for help with your situation.


Thank you, I have sent her an email and look forward to any reply.

Thank you again!


Did you ever hear from Laura Smith at Hawkwood? I tried contacting her as I had a similar situation and question but never heard back.