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Back in October 2014 my family signed a lease with Halcon for property that we owned the mineral right to in Brazos county. Since that time Halcon filed bankruptcy and sold their leases in Texas to Hawkwood. I am trying to find out if Hawkwood is doing with that lease on the property. The land is only 0.096 of an acre being situated in the Crawford Burnett League, abstract No. 7, College Station. How can i find out what is being done with that lease? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

The best way to keep up with what is going on in this area is to use the resources on the Tx RRC site (link below). Not the easiest site to use but it is free.


With this site, you can find new permits plus completions and production.

I checked Abstract 7 - Hawkwood has one producing well (Bisonte 3H) that I assume was picked up from Halcon. This is a good area for drilling the Eagle Ford (horizontal primary target) - the issue is putting together drilling units in areas where small leases like yours are common. Lots of paperwork, time and money goes into that process.

Abstract A7 is very large (almost 7 square miles or 4500 acres). I have attached a PDF from DrillingInfo.com site (a subscription site) that shows the producing wells in this Abstract (the green and red dots). I am not very familiar with the BCS area, but it appears that drilling is limited to the area south of FM 2154. North of that highway is probably highly developed and very difficult to put together a drilling unit for a horizontal well.

The odds of your minerals being included in a unit will be tied to how developed the surrounding area is - if highly developed and built up, odds are low that a new horizontal well can be drilled.

But on saying that, town lot plays with horizontal drilling have taken place in Fort Worth and other developed "cities", so nothing is impossible. Just takes time and money to set everything up prior to drilling.

258-BrazosCoA7.pdf (2.08 MB)

Hawkwood has an office in College Station. 979-589-2999. Give them a call.

Most likely if you were never contacted or received paperwork, your lease has expired. Not much going on in your survey right now.

Pulled down all the leases that were filed in Abstract #7 over past 48 months. Listed them in order of tract size. I bet you will be able to find your lease in this listing.

Note all the small leases - massive title work and cost to put together a horizontal drilling unit with this many small leases.

257-BrazosA7leasesoverpast48months.pdf (35.6 KB)

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