H&L Operating Company


Does anyone know this guy and how I can get ahold of him?

I have leases through him and his phone number is no longer valid.



Post the man’s name and previous address of company to get some help. There is an H&L Exploration Company and related H&L Operating Co LLC out of Amarillo TX. There is an H&L Operating Company out of Perryton TX. Or is this in another state? Do you receive royalties from H&L? If this was just a leasing company, then you may want to check the deed records for an assignment of your leases to another company.


Thanks TennisDaze.

His signature is awful so I have a hard time reading the name. I inherited this lease when my mom died.

His name looks like B.G. and his last name begins with Ha. The company address is 4100 Stratford Lane, Norman, Ok 73072. The phone number is disconnected.


That is a house address. If you post the legal description, including the county and state, then someone can look to see if there are producing wells and who the operator is. You can also look in the deed records for that county and see if there was an assignment out of H&L and into another company. Did she receive any royalties?


Yes, she/I receive royalties every month or so.

The legal description is:

Section 31-09N-03W NE/4, McClain County, Oklahoma. The wells name is the ANNIE J DYE #1.

I really appreciate the help. I feel stupid not being able to find this information on my own!

I live in Texas or I would run down to the deed records and find it.


In the NE/4 of Section 31, the Annie J Dye #1, well #11, which was formerly named John C Kunkel #2 (API 35-087-50006) and the Annie J Dye #1, well #2 (API 35-087-35912). The last reported sales in September 2017. API 35-■■■■6. Operator is H&L Operating . This well seems to be inactive. OK Corporation Commission, May 15, 2018, lists Operator 15436 as H & L Operating Co; Bob Haslam; ■■■■; address:
4100 Stratford Lane
PO Box 720418
Norman, OK 73■■■■
Internet reference to Bob Haslam at that address at ■■■■


Thank you very much!