H&GN RR Block13, Section 63

Notice sections close to my un leased section of H&GN RR Block13 Section 63 are getting some interest. Anyone know if there close to me ? Comments really appreciated. Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave, welcome to the forum. Could you post the state and county you’re referring to?

@Dave40 that is pretty far west going into “Alpine high” area. The Wolfcamp (Primary Target) comes upstructure & has lower pressure & productivity. Might give Primexx a shout and see if they would be interested in picking it up. Prices have to be pretty high to make this are economic IMO.

Lee Ann, Thank you very much. Best to you & yours. Dave

This appears to be Reeves County, TX Abstract 475. 31.077N 103.709W if that helps locate.

Pete, Thank you very much. Best to you & yours. Dave

I contacted Primexx but not a area of interest @ this time. Understand that a map of land owners close to me is available. Appreciate any info on where to start looking would be appreciated. Thanks to all. Dave

Dave, if I’m understanding your question, and you want to see the ownership on the tracts around Blk 13, Sec. 63, you can do that on the Reeves County Appraisal District’s website. .

The link below should take you to what the Appraisal District’s site shows for the tax account of the Swan Estate that it says is the owner of that 640 acre section. On that same page if you will click the spot marked “View Map” that’s at the upper right side, it should take you to the part of their interactive map showing the area around Sec. 63 (you’ll first need to click that you accept ReevesCAD’s terms for using their map). Once you get to the map you can then click any of the tracts around Sec. 63 to see their ownership information.

Keep in mind though that it will only be showing the surface ownership of those tracts. The same people might also own at least part of the mineral interest there but often that is not the case.


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