H&G RR Survey A39 - Section 19, block 7


Can anyone send me a current map of H&G RR Survey A39; Section 19; block 7?

I am in a pooled agreement and get a tiny percentage of 2 horizontal wells (Section 7, 19, 30) which were drilled a couple of years ago.

I’ve recently received several letters from companies wanting to buy my mineral rights so I’m wondering if more drilling may be coming close to my area.


Susan Titus

You can easily access this information from the RRC website using the GIS viewer. When you open the viewer, there is a ribbon at the top with a magnifying glass to click on. Select Survey Search and enter Reeves County and A-39. Hit Query and the map will go directly to your section. The “i” Identify button, select wells. Then when you touch the green points, you will see wells identified. This is easier with a computer as a pad is not as responsive with these interactive maps. The box will let you get to permits and other data for your wells and those in the surrounding area. The blue circles are permits for wells not drilled and completed. It is a great way to keep track of activity around your minerals. There only are the two Ligon wells on your section at present. There seem to be a lot of funds which are searching to buy minerals. Or it could be that word is on the street about planned activity.