Gulfport Activity in Grady County Sec 21 5N 7W?

Has anybody heard of or seen anything planned or happening?

Unit has a well just finished. Surface location in 16-5N-7W. First sales 8/9/17, so you should have gotten a DO recently. Atkinson #1-21H Look it up on the OCC Imaged documents from section 16 since the surface location is there.

Thank you.

Yes very aware of it. Don Bray had sent me the initial production report. Unit only holds the middle depths on our share of those minerals, Vitruvian held the deeper rights including the Woodford Shale. Evidently they sold those holdings to Gulfport.

The Unit well is barely in production, royalty checks have been small, I think, but don't know for sure, that they are working to get the well hooked up to a pipeline, Railroad, or perhaps both since it is producing mostly oil, but some gas. What is OCC imaged documents, I don't have access to that?

Would be grateful for any info you could provide.

Thank you for your kind reply.

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On the OCC website, you can go to Conducting Business, then scroll down to Imaged Documents, then you can pick from the Well Records or the OAP case records. The well records are great. The case records are easier to search on a PC than a MAC. If you are looking for a well, you have to search for the surface location. Might be a section or two north or south from your section if you don't find it on the first pass. I download everything pertinent to my tracts.

Atkinson 1-21H Any updates on production volume for oil? Our checks are running 75-90 days behind?

This may not look great, but is a copy from the OTC production history. They are usually running about four months late. This well does not look healthy. Production Year Production Month Product Code Gross Volume Reporting Company Company Number 2018 February 5 378 UNIT PETROLEUM CO 16711 2018 January 5 864 UNIT PETROLEUM CO 16711 2017 December 5 2265 UNIT PETROLEUM CO 16711 2017 November 5 866 UNIT PETROLEUM CO 16711 2017 September 5 2022 UNIT PETROLEUM CO 16711 2017 September 1 3740.25 COFFEYVILLE RESOURCES REFINING & MARKETING LLC 23896 2017 August 1 6921.33 COFFEYVILLE RESOURCES REFINING & MARKETING LLC 23896


1 is oil and 5 is natural gas

Any newer news about any Gulfport Activity that would include Grady 21 5N 7W?

Gulfport leased 24-3n-6w from me late last year so they are in the area.

Same with us