Groundwork for Gaines County CCUS Development ?

In CourtHouseDirect’s excellent, free Lease Alert notification this morning, I see several “Memorandum Of Underground Storage Option Agreement” instruments with Orchard Storage Company, LLC as grantee. An excerpt from a memo, in part, reads, “…Grantor has granted Grantee the exclusive and irrevocable option and right to lease the Property for purposes of conducting temporary or permanent underground storage, injection, disposal, or sequestration of carbon dioxide (“CO2”) and related activities. The Agreement provides for a five-year from the effective date, which term can be extended for one three-year term.” Some internet searching on CorporationWiki and elsewhere leads me to believe one or more of the individuals moving forward with this may be affiliated with the company Elysian. I have attached a screenshot of part of my Lease Alert notice so that others can see what a valuable service is provided at no charge. The map gives a sense of where the leased lands are located, but I did not mark every parcel which is mentioned in the memos. This could be a very exciting injection of new activity in Gaines county, especially if the CO2 storage will be temporary and then used to liberate large volumes of the Ol’ Black Bubbly from San Andres ROZ [like KMI’s “Tall Cotton”] and other formations.