Gross Production Site


Anybody have a clue why this site is so behind in listing production?
2 wells that have been producing since July & September have October 2017 as the latest entry. It’s been like that for many months. Yes they are still producing, I receive royalties on one of the wells and a friend does on the other.

Also has anyone tried this website
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OTC is usually at least four months behind. Some wells just get stuck for a bit and then they catch up. Could have to do with whomever is selling the product and not reporting in a timely fashion.


I didn’t even know you responded to this. I really don’t like this new forum.
The site has finally recorded production to date. After being 6 months behind. The amount recorded is incorrect but I guess I’ll have to take that up with Casillas. Also there is no oil posted yet. I’m pretty sure I can get that info from the OCC. Just want to know if it matches what my checks say.