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I've gone to the TRRC website and it appears there are several recently permitted wells in the Bedias-Iola-Cross areas connected with the Madisonville W. (Woodbine). I sure would like to know what they were paid for bonus leases, terms, royalties, etc.

$250 to $400, 1/5 royalty

Do either of these two items command larger royalty percentages and bonus money:

1) Contiguous tract of land (one owner versus multiple owners)

2) Surface owner owning 100% mineral rights on large portion of land

Seems like it would be less of a headache dealing with one owner versus mutiple owners and finding long-lost heirs, etc. owning mineral rights on a tract of land. Or does it even matter?

Hi Captain,

Did you lease your land in Grimes County since your last post?

6th Generation Texan:

No lease yet. Got any ideas?

Hello everyone, I'm Sandy Nikirk

I own the mineral rights on 20 acres of land in Plantersville.

I was reading your discussions on new leases coming to Grimes County soon and what the offers are or might be.

I agree with several of your comments, that we need to get together on what we will accept for bonuses, terms, and royalties when the time comes.

I would be glad to meet with you all, in person, to discuss this issue, when you feel the time is near.

My husband Johnny and I also own a number of leases in Wise County, Texas which are paying pretty well right now.

Please keep me informed.

Hi Captain Skittles,

Have you had any luck leasing your land? Who are the companies leasing in the vicinity of Iola. I have heard that Petromax and Crimson Exploration are leasing, but don't know where or what they are paying. Do you know if Devon is leasing more property? Just wondering who all the players are.

Hi 6th Generation Texan:

To answer your question, I have not signed any lease agreements yet.

There are several companies drilling or getting ready to in our area - Marlin Energy Southwest; ZaZa Energy; Evolution Operating; and Pride Energy. With the exception of Marlin & ZaZa, most of these are right around the Iola area. I was told by Crimson that they are staying close to Iola and venturing no farther. Don't know what these people got paid for their leases but I do know that BearKat signed leases with two acquaintances of my family and they were both offered $600 per acre and took it. (I would too, ha ha). Haven't heard about too much activity from Devon although they were in my area the same time Herd Producing came through and they both were offering only $300 per acre. I heard that Herd has moved out of our area; I would guess Devon has too.

That's all I know for now. Keep me posted on your progress and I will do the same.

Northern Grimes County Mineral Owners Should Know: Devon has paid $700/acre in the past 8 months, in the Northern Grimes area close to Madison and possibly other areas. I don't know if they've paid more than that but minerals owners need to know what their land is worth!

Thanks for the information Bubba. It seems the bonus rates are going up and I suspect they will continue to go up. If I were a betting person, I'd say within 2 years the rates will be even higher as leases expire and equipment is moved eastward.

Good to know.

Herd Producing is back in Grimes County and contacting land owners who did not lease with them a year ago. Intially they were offering landowners in my area $300 per acre and now are offering $400/acre. At least they're moving in the right direction, huh?! Still not good enough but at least the lines of communication are open and there is dialogue.

Still playing the waiting game! It seems that most of the drilling activity is north of Iola right now. I am curious to see how Pride Energy's Grant 2H, 3H, and 4H wells turn out since the Grant #1 vertical in the 1970s was a barnburner gas well, although I don't have any minerals anywhere near there. Marlin Energy should be finishing up their Altimore #1H well soon, which is SW of Iola. Do you know anyone who has leased to them and where their minerals are located? I haven't heard of Herd Producing. Do you know who their contact person or landman is? Looks like 2012 will be a year of more land leased and wells drilled in Grimes County!

Marlin Energy has finished drilling the Atlimore #1H and, as of this past weekend, was awaiting fracing. I'm told they had a $4.5 million extra cost due to having to pull the drill stem so many times. Rumor has it that if this well does good, there will be 2 more in the area.

Thanks for the update on the Altimore #1H. An extra $4.5 million in drilling costs, if true, is a very expensive well. I hope Marlin gets enough production to justify the expense and has better luck with their next wells.

Anybody ever heard of Energy and Exploration Partners out of Forth Worth, TX?

They are currently in Grimes County leasing up unleased land AND they assumed the leases of Herd Producing and Chesapeake in the area.

I’m in need of knowing where to start to find a company to lease my minerals in Grimes County. Any help is greatly appreciated

There is a Listings page on the home page of this website. Alot of landmen peruse this site.

Hello, I am a newbie here on this site. Havent seen any recent activity on this Forum but thought I would ask a question anyway. Here about three years ago i was sent a check for leasing my property out for exploration. I didn't accept it because, we are under lease with another company (Sandel Energy) and I thought it was suspicious that they would send a check like that. Now that all of the activity that is going on around here, I am second guessing myself. Any thoughts on this?