Greenwing Energy lease offer - Coal County

Has anyone leased to Greenwing Energy? Need 60 BUSINESS days to pay? What is this Order of Payment? Been doing this a long time and never had a 60 business day paydate or an Order of Payment. Looks like trouble to me. Anyone's experience with this group would be appreciated.

Yes, I have multiple leases with Green Wing Energy. The 60 day clause was in my leases. I was paid within that time period They leased large tracts of my holdings in Coal County. Ask for much more than they offer because Coal County is dead right now. So get money through signing bonuses.

I do not do Orders of payment that are that long-more like 15 days. If they need time to do the title work, then I will have a third party hold my signed lease and they will not turn over the lease without a signed check in hand. You do not want a lease filed in the courthouse with no payment.

Have you ever tried mailing/emailing them a signed copy (stamped) of your lease to hold until they pay, rather than using a third party? Heard at the NARO Chickasha Town Hall that some people are doing this now.

If you do that, you had better write in magic marker COPY DO NOT FILE on every page and especially over the signature or it may get filed and you may have trouble getting paid.

So far, Greenwing has paid me promptly within my 15 day limit.

I would be very cautious doing business with Anevay, Green Wing. We are doing business with them in another county. They go under several names and are a nightmare to deal with. Canyon Creek contracts their work with Anevay, Green Wing, etc. Our deal was an exchange of bonus money for original leases. They do not like that. They tell you “the norm” is to receive your bonus 30 to 60 days after they receive your original lease and are very keen on letting you know your an idiot if you don’t know that. We stuck with our way of doing things but realized we were getting the run around (we had to deal with 5 new landmen in the process, we received our lease packets Nov 6). Finally contacted Canyon Creek directly. They were surprised and thought we had been paid bonus before Christmas. After leaving Amirald Gee, owner of Anevay etc many many voicemails and reaching out to Canyon Creek again Friday (they could not believe I had not been paid). I did receive a very very angry call from Amirald reading me the right act. He also told me I had no business contacting Canyon Creek. His anger and rude demeanor is indescribable. My attorney and I are meeting them at 1:30 today to do the exchange.. will see how it goes.

Thank you. Very interesting. I did the same, did not sign Order of Payment, sent a scanned copy of lease. Told check had been requested and title confirmed, they were just waiting for "check to come in mail" to forward to me. A week or so later they said they said they were no longer leasing in my section, 20-3N-9W, and several others and were not completing my transaction. Canyon Creek has subsequently leased a number of tracts in that section. Think I will call Steve McNamara at Canyon Creek, again. Called him when first saw the Order of Payment from Anevay/Greenwing. Thought something was not right.


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I signed a lease with green wing back in March but I just found out this morning that they canceled it , it was pooled and I’m in it, can they cancel after that? They said they had a check waiting for me because they had started production, I’m lost at what to do

Yes, they can do that. So sorry that happened to you. That is one reason why it is important to never hand over a signed lease without getting paid at the same time. Go ahead and get into pay status and collect the checks that they owe you. Greenwing or the Operator owes you the bonus for the pooling as well as the checks for royalties.

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But they said they canceled my contact but you say they still owe me for pooling and royalties yes or no

If you were pooled, the operator owes you the bonus and the royalties if the well is productive. What section, township and range and I can you the operator.

Section 1 township 2 north range 8 east Section 6 township 2 north 9 east Both coal county I found their contract in between the seats of my truck this weekend when I cleaned it up so they never got the contract what shout I do next they pooled it and I’m in the pooling, should I call them and tell them they owe me for pooling and mineral interests anybody know

1-2N-8E. The pooling case was 201901449. The case order was issued on May 7, 2019. You have missed the deadline (20 days) to make your election, so they made it for you. Contact the attorney listed for the case and request your check.

CANYON CREEK ENERGY OPERATING, L.L.C. 2431 E. 61ST STREET, SUITE 400 TULSA, OKLAHOMA 74136 Contact Name: GRAYSON BARNES Contact Phone: 918-382-8686

6-2N-9E. The case was decided August 27, 2018. Same deal. They gave you the lowest royalty, but highest bonus. Contact the same attorney.

I have called and called canyon creek greenwing since feb 2019 and I have yet to get paid anything, say they will look into it, they are making interest on my money when I should be what step do you suggest I take next because I was going to takl to a mineral lawyer about this whole thing, and Im suppose to be getting some papers for another county they have already pooled me in, newfield would never treat me like this Im being to think they might be crooked because Im getting the run around for almost a year this is not right if they dont call me back in the first part of next week I’m going to a laywer

Are you expecting money from a lease or from a well?

I leased to Canyon Creek in 1N 8 E Coal County - without looking it up, I’d guess 4 yrs ago. Steve McNamara is with Canyon Creek and his dad is a Tulsa lawyer that sets up LLC Leasing companies for Canyon Creek, Greenwing & Anevay are two that I know of. We went round and round over their Order of Payment that I refused to sign. They finally sent me a check. They are not pleasant people to lease to.

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hello, no they are not, they are having me jump thru hoops because they say there is no link between my husband and his parents, crazy it follows the blood line unless sold or transferred, I’m getting pretty mad over this and I’m gonna talk to a lawyer soon because they are making interest on my husbands money which they say they dont have to pay us