Green River Field, Fidelity Exploration, Parker 29-32h

This well is listed as "confidential" as far as drilling activity goes.

Will I be informed if it becomes productive if I have not had my mineral rights probated? Although my sister and I own the mineral rights, Our deceased father owns part as well.

I am in the dark here having recently been informed we own these rights. We have leased them and a well is being drilled.

Another question; If my father's will has been probated in NM, am I required to hire an attorney to probate in ND to get access to my mineral rights there?

Ms. Goodwin, Likely you will have to probate in ND. I have heard of a circumstance where someone had a probate still open in another state and the proceeds from wells in ND were sent to the estate of the deceased. I think it would be best to do the probate the state of ND requires, but you may wait to see if the well/s produce. If you decide to probate in ND, I would pick a county on the Minnesota border, far from the oil patch, for faster and hopefully less expensive legal fees. You can probate in any county in ND.

Do you know if I will be notified if the well produces? The mineral rights are in my name as well as in my deceased father's name.

The operator should send you a division order, probably about 4 months after first sales, judging by my own wells.

Do you have any idea what a probate might cost?

It depends on the lawyer. Since you should have the original probate, there shouldn't be a great deal to do with the ancillary probate in ND except open proceedings read in the previous probate and close proceedings. I think you can find a lawyer to do it for $1500 to $3000 but it depends on the lawyer. This need not be an O&G lawyer.

Donna Goodwin said:

Do you have any idea what a probate might cost?