Great Grandfathers Minerals

How can i find out if my greatgrandfather has more Mineral right and is there anyway that other family members getting them Howard County Tx

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start by searching his name in Texas File website of land records by county, requires a credit card to download old deeds $1/page. Save these pdf files on your home computer.

If you have a significant reason to suspect that you aren’t receiving royalties that you should be, I would advise you to talk about your concerns with a landman. Howard County land records are available online as well, and you can search for your Great Grandfather’s name in their records.

Thank you for the info I did drive to Big Spring and got my great grandfather land records but when he pass he left my great grandmother most everything that where I get confused is there he only had 20 pages on his wreck in his records but my great-grandmother has 80 pages and I don’t know what to look for if any of these minerals are any good are they still where’s the money went or is he still getting payment and where is that money going

When you mention land records, may i ask what are you referring too? Also you.mention that this is your great grandfather, did he leave a will and do you have a copy of that will? If there are producing minerals in his or her (your great grandmother) check the tax rolls. The Howard County Appraisal Office is online to look those up.

Yes I do have my great grandfather records he most everthing to my greatgrandmother I do not have her she has 80 pages I don’t have the extra money right now

Title runs can be really difficult & confusing. Best idea is to find a landman who will do a title run for you. However, it will set you back anywhere from $700 to $2,000.