Great grandfather Lost and found records


Here is the story I was looking into to buy a piece of land and found out that my great grandfather still own some of the mineral right. (I didn't buy the land for other reasons). Went to the court house and found the deed and it said that he own 75% of the mineral right and passed it onto his heirs. I am woundering if i could use a quick claim to beable to put it into my name, or something else. If not I think it would be a lost forever because trying to find everybody and spliting it off would make it into fractions of a percent that would not even pay for the lawer expence. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Did you check to make sure great grandad didn’t sell them later?

You can’t put minerals in your name that belong to others.

yes they are not sold to anybody I have all ready check and also have the current land owners