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I joined on June 16, 2011.

Does anyone know about Jetta Oil in Ft Worth? They are drilling on my minerals in Southmayd TX. I am new to this and just wanted any info. Thanks

How can we go about finding out what mineral rights are leasing for in Grayson County? I don’t know the exact location of our mineral rights, but do have a legal description.

Just received a Memorandum of oil, gas and Mineral Lease, along withpaid up oil, gas & mineral lease from company called Jetta. My late father had an 8th of an acre split between his 3 kids. So, apparently I own .0416666 net mineral acres, of 189.198 gross acres. Jetta is offering me a 3/16 royalty. Can some explain to me what this all means? I live in California and never new my father had any mineral rights out in Texas.Is there a way to find out what other mineral rights might be out there floating around in his name? Thanks!

There are some articles on the Home page that may be of help, especially the one on Internet Resources.

New to the forum looking for guidance. I am a non-resident ( reside in Illinois ) owner of 1.7 mineral acres ( Jonathan Morris Survey) in Grayson County. I have been approached by an principle or agent offering a $150 / acre upfront bonus and a 3/16 royalty for a 3/2 option year lease. Is this a reasonable offer ? Any thoughts appreciated.

Frank depending on where they are located in Grayson county. with you haveing such a small acres I would not take less than 1/5 and 175.00 acre. I leased some for zero Bonus and took a 1/4 interest in Grayson county. It don't take long to make up the bonus money if they make a well if not you don't get any thing. so if you need $300.00 take it iwould still ask for 1/5th lot of luck

Carolyn - thank you for your response and suggestions. I'm not really sure where in Grayson the property is. All I have is a copy of the mineral deed with the legal description of the land and the survey number. Is there someplace I could go to determine the location ? Also - are there any resources that could tell me what other leases are going for in Grayson recently ?

There is an article on the Home page with Internet resources, including Texas maps.

Wade - thanks but I’m new to this website and I’m not finding the internet links or link to Texas maps you mentioned. Could you possibly be more specific or post a link to what you are referring to ?

Here is the GLO map link

Hello - since my original posting concerning a recent offer I received for my mineral interest in Grayson county I've learned some additional things. Carolyn Turner asked about where the property was located in the county. It is located in the northeast area of Grayson adjacent to the Big Mineral branch and might be part of the Hagerman Wildlife Refuge as the property itself was sold to the US Govt. in the 1940's. The offer is from Jetta Oil Co. and is for a $150 bonus per NMA and a 3/16 royalty on a 3 year lease. So .... with the forgoing in mind is this a decent offer ?

can anyone tell me what the going rate is for Oil & Gas lease in the area east of 1417 and about 1 mile south of 121

150 is not bad but should get 1/5 nma

Just received similar offer. Any concerns I should know about


We are adding amendments also to protect our surface rights.

who is trying to lease you?

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