Granddaughter closing on Longview property....Question

Adam was talking about something in the closing docs about how we get to 'decide' when/how the oil company comes onto our property. They should renew the contract when new people buy the land, or no?

There are jacks in the vicinity, but kids have no knowledge if property has oil rights. Does a landowner with no mineral rights participate in any way on a producing well?

You are giving few details to enable a detailed answer. It all depends on whether or not the buyer (granddaughter) acquires mineral rights and what percentage. No one should buy substantial acreage without determining what fractional mineral rights, if any, are included. If buyer gets 100% unleased minerals, then she can make all relevant decisions. If buyer gets no minerals, then she is at mercy of oil company - some companies are willing to talk about well locations and roads and others are not. If seller had previously reserved right to designate surface use, even if owning no minerals, then buyer will assume this right. If the buyer gets no minerals, then buyer will not get any royalties. Buyer will be paid surface damages for well pad, pipelines, electric lines, etc. I suggest that they carefully read the title opinion and consult an attorney to understand the situation.

Unfortunately I found they are closing on 10 acres tomorrow morning. I sent your message to them. Thankyou for the very informative answer. Hopefully they will be asking more informed questions based on your response. My guess is there are no mineral rights.