Granddad's lease wells are not pumping

Does anyone have any experience with this: My grandfather signed a lease in the late 1940's. Prior to his death in 1969, there were two or three wells on the property that was bringing in enough revenue such that he had stopped farming. Since that time, those wells have been capped and we, the heirs, get very small checks, two to three times per year.

My question is: Do we have grounds to get out of the lease since the wells are capped?

Another question: If we can get out of the lease, how can we get companies to test our land and begin drilling by the Shale process for gas? Thanks,


I would suggest going to the County Records and and finding the original lease. My wife's family is in the same situation. There is a pretty good chance that some company if not the same one owns the gas rights. The original lease is the place to start. Unlike Louisiana, in Texas there a very few options for getting out of an lease other than the terms of the lease. Try Harrison County Clerk online. You can look up the property for free and only pay for printing.