Grady section 29 and 32 8N 7w

Does anyone know the update on my family’s land. Are they drilling yet. I live in Los Angeles. so I have no way seeing myself. Thank you

You need to make sure your name and address are on file at the county clerk’s office for Grady for this section-especially if you live out of state. If there is any pending activity, the OCC will send you documentation. You should be getting mail from them on the cases pending at the OCC for 29 and 32. I see your name on the respondents list.

You do have ways to watch. The OCC well records area will have permits, spud dates, completion, surveys, etc. You need to search by surface location (which may not be in your section.) or the name of the well. The well name may be Lucille 1H-32-29 with a surface location in 0607N07W.