Grady Section 14 4N 6W

Hello, I have inherited mineral rights in Grady Section 14-4N-6W as well as 23-4N-6W. What is the current activity in these areas and how can I transfer the rights into my name. Any information is very much appreciated. Thank you!

You need to clarify “I just inherited”. Was it by will with a probate, a trust, etc. Depending upon that answer, the “how do I transfer” question can be answered.

Yes, there is production in 14 and 23. Gulfport Mid Con is the operator. You need to contact their Division Order department and ask what they need in order to transfer the payments to you. They will require certain legal documents. Gulfport Midcon LLC 3001 Quail Springs Pkwy, Oklahoma City, OK 73134.

There are more wells planned, so you might get a rash of BUY letters. I would suggest ignoring them for now until you get your legal title straightened out.


Great advice. Sometimes it is something incredibly simple. Other times it requires a probate.

Indeed, thank you very much for your information. The mineral rights were owned by my grandparents and went into a trust in their name. Is it even necessary to change the name, if the trust still exsists? It was also once said, that we would have to open an estate in Oklahoma in order to have all the legal work one, is that true? Thank you so much for your help

I have had extensive experience with trusts and estates outside the State of Oklahoma. However, the rules between my knowledge and your situation are likely to be very similar. That said, the your way forward would involve a competent review of the complete trust documents. They could well shed light on factors governing your situation.

Very simply, if the property was in the name of the Trust or Trustee, the process is simple. Follow the directions in the trust. If the property was not deeded into the trust, it may require a probate.

Thank you for all the advice!

Key words- “went into a trust”. How? By deed filed in county records? If not, the property DID not go into the Trust and a probate will be needed.

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Bing Crosby had a Trust and a “pour over will”. He had minerals in Oklahoma that were not transferred into his trust. Almost 40 years after his death, his grandson had the “pour over will” probated in Grady County. The will said, if anything did not get into my trust before I died, then administer my estate and put those assets into it when you are done.