Grady OK section 19 7N-8W question

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New to forum I recently acquired this land and mineral rights from a family trust. I have no idea how to transfer the land and mineral rights in my name any help would be appreciated.

Also does anyone know of there is any production on this land?

I have searched this forum which is filled with all kinds of info but I am having a hard time understanding any of it as this is all new to me.

Thank you

Re: Family Trust - if you have acquired this land through a family trust, then that means that the trust has been entirely extinguished (terminated) and the trustee(s) have distributed the trust assets to the beneficiary (you). The deed to this property should already be in your name, filed and recorded. Call the attorney who drew up the trust, and ask him what you have to do next. He should be able to answer your question over the phone, and without you paying for an office visit.

Re: Production - you will have to provide the legal description so Forum can answer. We need to know the location.

Re: When something is new and you don't want to "go back to school" then continue to ask questions on the Forum or hire a O&G attorney or minerals manager

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Thank you for reply.

As for legal description not sure what you mean but from some old paperwork I am coming upon Zeiset #1-19 and Zeiset #2-19. In section 19-7n-8w.

This wouldn't help a blind man find his way. Legal descriptions can include lot, block, addition names, county, town, state, abstract and tract numbers, and volume/page number. Look for this important information on your deed.


This is all I have on the quit claim deed.

E1/2 of NE1/4 of section 19, Township 7 north, range 8 west of the indian meridian, grady county, oklahoma.

Thank you

Dear Mike, thank you for this information. Maybe, now, some of our helpful experts will be better abled to answer your question regarding production on your new inheritance.

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From what I can tell the Zeiset 2-19(API 051-22461) was completed in 1994 by Apache Corporation and was sold in 2014 to Tapstone Energy(Operator # 23467). Zeiset 1-19 is also owned by Tapstone Energy as of 2014.

Link to Completion Report on Zeiset 2-19:

Clint Liles

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Thank you both for the help. Still not sure what to do but I lawyer who wrote up trust and go from there.

Should I hire a local expert in Grady, OK to help me and make sure everything is on the up and up with the driller/producer? And if so do you recommend anyone?

Thank you, Mike

Mike, this may serve as a reminder to update your checklist of priorities and notify all important entities of your current mailing address, including, but not limited to ... county clerk when you transfer deed ... appraisal district (they won't track down new owners) ... the lease operator and/or whoever makes disbursement of monies on your lease(s).

I'm not confidently sure, but check out if you should also include an Affidavit of Heirship as proof of new ownership.

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When in doubt... punt! Contact the attorney and take things from there. Just be sure to notify the right entities as note previously.

Re: driller/producer - Google is who I recommend.

Don't sell your minerals!

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To check production of all production volumes reported to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, use this link

Be sure to search by legal (don't specify the Quarter). Lots of info on the status of all 4 wells in Section 19. Don't be alarmed that the last reported amounts are September, the reports are always a few months behind. It looks like you would have an interest in the production of each of these wells.