Grady county

For anyone from the area just wondering if my area is very popular or if there are any producing wells near my area of section 8 7n 6w

Sherry in 7n-6w they have drilled or are drilling in sections 12,15,17,20,22,27,29,32,35,36. They have started the paper work to drill on 1,2,13,16,21. They have a well on 17 that tested 212 BOD and 869 MCF this is the section south of you. There is a well that tested 487 BOD and 827 MCF in section 12 which is 3 miles east of you. Have you leased ?

Yes I am leased. Wow you really seem to know everything about the area. I didn’t expect to get a reply from someone so knowledgable . Thank you, my next question is , in relation to the scoop, approximately where is this location? I found the grid maps but couldn’t figure out where it is in the scoop. It’s all very interesting.

Your close enough. The map is general. Now you just have to wait and see what you get.