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Does anyone have any information on 13-6N-5W Mowdy #1 Well in Grady County? I was wondering if anything is being done to it. Thank you, Vickey

Bays Exploration is listed as operator on the OTC tax site. The well is still producing. DCP Midstream is transporting the gas. Coffeyville Refining is transporting the oil. If I have the correct Mowdy 1- it was drilled in 1980 and recompleted in 2017. There are three Mowdy wells in that section. Mowdy 1, Mowdy 1-13 and Mowdy A-1. Mowdy 1-13 is the productive one.

Thank you for the information, I am just learning that the Mowdy #1 says Garvin County not Grady. Could you possibly give me any information on that well. My parents have passed and we have inherited some mineral rights in a trust. Not sure how to address this yet.

M. Barnes- I am so sorry to be taking up your time, I guess we will need to go there and see. It is Grady County after all.

Regarding the trust, the provisions need to be reviewed and have the successor trustee administer the minerals accordingly.

Often this involves distributing the interests to the beneficiaries.

If you type “Mowdy” into the OTC site, you can see there are quite a few listed.

Click on each one and go to the Lease Legal to find out where each one is located until you find the correct one.

M Barnes all my siblings are listed under this trust in the Mowdy 1-13 under 13-6N-5W. Also 21-07N-07W. Both under our deceased parents trust. We just don’t have information as to if Bays are doing anything with it and if it is producing. Will that be on OTC as well? Not sure who is with the other one. Thank you for sharing any of your much needed information on these two wells.

Go to the OTC site and type in Mowdy in the LeaseName box. You will see Mowdy 1-13 in the list. It is producing as of August 2021. The OTC site is usually a few months behind, so that is probably current. You can go to the OCC well records site and get the contact information for Bays and send them a certified letter. Not sure what you mean by “doing anything with it”. It is most likely producing, so that is “what they are doing with it”. Don’t see any new drilling if that is what you mean.

21-07N07W may have some activity. Holden 0707 16-21-1WH was drilled in 2018. The surface location was in section 8 by Camino Natural Resources. You should be in pay status for that well. You can look it up on the OTC by typing in the name or 21 07N 07W to get the production. Look it up in 080707W on the OCC wellrecords site to get all the info on it. Also has Camino’s address if you need to contact them.

M Barnes I guess what I meant by didn’t know what was going on with it was because at one point there was a company trying to top lease I believe that fell through when my parents were living, They hardly ever received any $ from the well I believe they had mineral rights of 80 acres. We was under the understanding it was shut down and they were doing nothing to it for years that was why there was no income coming from it. Then someone was trying to too lease but fell through. I’m not very knowledgeable about Wells so this might not make since to you what I’ve said. Thank you again for your help I’ll look at the information you sent me.

The well has been producing for a long time. Do you know how many net acres they had?

We have 80 acres of mineral rights…

You may or may not have 80 acres. You may have a portion of 80 acres. The leases will have the gross parcel, not the net. Contact Bays and see what you need to do to get into pay status or if you are making any changes due to the trust terms.

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Just know that the legal description on a mineral deed or oil & gas lease only show the gross acreage in the tract, no the net acres that you own. I say this because owning 80.00 acres in Grady County is quite rare and my guess is you would have been contacted about the revenue due you. Make sure you contact information is put of record against these tracts of land in the respective counties.

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