Grady County: Sections 7, 15-4N-7W

Does anyone have any information regarding franking in this area? How do you find out if oil is being extracted from another well?

How do you know if your leased mineral rights are producing oil?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


James no wells in 15 or 7 yet. Look at the post on the Grady Co. forum by Kent Hilburn about 4n-7w .

Good Morning, Ron.

Thank you for your response and I will go and read the post by Ken Hilburn.

How do you find out if there is fracking going on in or around this area where wells have been producing oil for years?

James, you can go here... to find completion reports. The % sign is a wild card, so in the legal description enter... %04N07W. In the Form drop down box pick 1002A (completion report). You should get 155 documents when you click the Search icon.

There is a section in the completion report that tells about any fracture treatment. Many of the ones I just looked at were not fractured. One that I did look at, the Margaret 1-31 was fractured.

They have been fracking those old wells . Are you looking for fracking on horizontal wells ? If so I could find none in 4n-7w yet.

Thank you, Don.

What type of checks and balances are in place to ensure that those who have leased their mineral rights are not having their oil extracted from another well close in proximity? How do you find out this information or is it even possible?

Thank you, Ron.

My overall goal is to understand why there is such an interest in my families mineral rights. Consistently, since I was a kid (over 40 years) we've had an active lease on the same mineral rights. Why? There are so many actively producing wells in such close proximity that it begs the question of, are they horizontally extracting from other mineral rights or fracking wells that would enter into our mineral owned areas.

I'm committed to understanding fully what is going on in this area and to piece together all the facts to create a type of story board to simply explain what the interest is in our mineral right areas and why for so many years the interest has not wavered one bit.

I greatly appreciate your feedback and helpful information.

Any tips or suggestions you that I could look into further?


Ron McKenzie said:

They have been fracking those old wells . Are you looking for fracking on horizontal wells ? If so I could find none in 4n-7w yet.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission oversees the process. Here is a link to a discussion about Spacing... Below the Spacing discussion is links to other discussions.