Grady county section 31 township 9 west 5


Hi I was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about section 31 township 9 north 5 west I live in texas I inherited a few different sections of grady county and trying to figure things out any information would be great thank you


Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you. You will find out quite a bit here. It is more useful if you post your question in the state and county where the acreage is. Then folks watching that area will see it. Go to the flag at the top left and then the New Topic button. In ALL CATEGORIES, roll down to Oklahoma and then select Grady. You already have your section, township and range in the title line, so that is great (add in the North on the 9). Asking a specific question usually gets more replies. An example would be β€œAre there any producing wells in 31-9N-5W?” or β€œIs there any pending activity in 31-9N-5W?”