Grady County Section 15-7N-5W


I have 4 acres in Section 15 7N 5W in Grady County, Oklahoma. What website do I go to find if anyone is drilling on the 4 acres? I have it leased but have never received a royalty check. Thanks for your help


You can get quite a bit of free information from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. There are quite a few wells pending for section 15. Look them up from their surface location. Four wells have spud in section 1507N05W and another three from section 1007N05W.

They should be just about finished. You will get a division order about five months after first sales and then should get paid at about six months after first sales or they will owe you statutory interest of 12% if you title is clear and 6% if it has to be cured.

The OK tax commission also has good data once the wells are online. I just checked and they are not posted yet. May take a bit longer since there are so many.


Thank you for the information you have provided. I did find out that a Spud was on 7/6/18 and I should receive a royalty check about 7 months later…if I get any royalty. What is a good oil well? I heard 100,000 barrels per day would be a good oil well. Sounds like that rate would be exceptional oil well. Any idea what oil wells produce in Section 15 7N 5W area?


100,000 bbls per day would be highly unusual. That might be an exceptional offshore well with extraordinary porosity and permeability and reservoir pressure.

Something between 500-1500 BOPD and 800-2500 MCFD would be a good OK horizontal well. For example, the well in 17&8 had a completion at 559 BOPD and 799 MCFD in the Woodford. Well in 23 & 14 had 1182 BOPD and 2466 MCFD. These may clean up a bit after the frac water clears out, but those are more reasonable numbers.


Does anybody know how the elmer well is doing at 1_3_34 section 9n 7w


First sales were November 1, 2018. You will probably not hear anything until March or April.