Grady county Sec 31/8/8

Hello, I am wondering what a Final Order for a multiunit horizontal well involves? I have some mineral in Sec. 31, 8/8. And looked on the OCC website to see what was happening in this sec. And found this on the daily docket agenda. It shows Vitruvian ll Woodford, LLC. Is the company? I would appreciate anyone’s assistance in my understanding what this means. Thanks for your help! Patti

What is the Cause CD# ? This will assist someone here give you an understanding of the meaning.


If you received a final order and don't have the property leased, opt for the high royalty low bonus by following the instructions. You may not have much time to respond so don't delay. This option will protect your future value.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment

Thank you Gary! I do appreciate your response! Patti