Grady County Sec 12 & 1 9N-6W Roan Resources

I started receiving checks this year from Roan Resources this year for the new wells at this location. I had not received a check this month so I emailed ROAN to find out whats up. I get this response:

“The account is negative $ (they gave the amount). This is why a check was not issued for August. This was due to the Langston well previously being overpaid. Corrections were made in August. Once the account is positive again, a check will be issued”

Does anyone know how this happens? or if it ever happens? Are they guessing at the production the other months??

I find this really fishy. I have emailed them back but I get a typical “It will take 5 business days for a response”

Please let me know how I can verify the production volumes or who to talk to and what to ask for proof.

Thanks in advance.

People make mistakes. Production might be credited to the wrong well because someone coded in the wrong property number. Some times there are price adjustments. The sources for possible corrections are many; usually, the amounts are not enough to create a negative balance. If you look at the last 12 months of check details for 10 different wells I would be surprised if 5 or more did not have some kind of adjustment during that time period. You should still receive a monthly statement from Roan showing the correction and the resulting negative balance. Then going forward you should receive a statement every month showing how that balance is being paid off. In a few months you might check production on the OTC website to see if it matches the volumes on check detail or statement. I was overpaid by Marathon on a well in Grady County, and it took over a year to eliminate the negative balance.

Sounds like it’s more than a “mistake”

Roan is still paying me on 595 but quite less than I had before. I have heard that Roan is in big trouble and looking for a buyer or bankruptcy. Let’s hope they find a buyer