Grady County operator Red Rocks still around?

Got a small interest in section 12. It’s hard to get much info from the operator, Red Rocks. Anyone know if they’ve bellied up?

I got a royalty check from them back in February.

You need to add the Township and Range so we can help you further.

Red Rocks has been giving me the run around re checks for production from the Trula well in sec 16 5N 5W for several months. Are other people receiving royalty checks from them ?

I received a small check in March from Red Rocks for production in another county in OK. Hard to say what some of these small companies will do but it’s my understanding they are eligible for Main Street loans.

There two different Trula wells in that section. #1 and #2. Both are in the NE quarter. Both have been online since 2013. Not so healthy in the last few months. Is your Division Order set at $100 minimum or at $25? If you are at $100, then your royalties have to accrue until $100 is in your account before they pay you. If you inherited, then you may have some title work to finish.

Thanks for your reply. I will look at our division order.

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