Grady county Oklahoma


I was wondering if there is any activity going on or near 31-9n-5w or 6-9n-5w


Newfield had Oklahoma Corporation Cases filed in mid 2017 for a horizontal well. The orders came out in mid 2018. You can look them up on the OCC OAP site. OAP The case numbers are 201708499, 201708509, 201708511. For a horizontal well in 31-9N-5W and 6-8N-5W. Look up the case numbers and check the respondent’s list. Did you just inherit? If so, then you need to get your correct name and address filed with the county clerk and also with the oil company noted in the cases. No well has been drilled yet.

This section has a bit more activity. Roan Resources has multiple cases filed for it. Here are the case numbers. Looks like some increased density cases, so you will get more drilling. 201602663, 201805570, 201805569, 201805714, 201805718, 201805717, 201900224, 201900222, 201900226, 201900227.

You can watch the well activity at the OCC well records site. Two of the wells have already spud. Type in 0609N05W in the legal location box. Some are going north and some are going south. You also have a permit for a well that has a surface location in 31-10N-5W, so use that location to follow it.

If any of the wells are in pay status, you need to contact the operator.
Production can be found on the OK Tax site. Gross Production Sometimes they are filed by bottom hole location and sometimes by surface.