Grady County Oklahoma Section21-8N-7W

Anybody heard if CLR is drilling a well In Sec.21-8N-7W.I received paperwork for the permit but have not heard anything since.

does anyone know of any activity in section 9, 4-N -8W in Gradty county thanks Barbara Joyce

No new activity in the last 999 days or for a very long time before that.

does anyone know what going on in section 19, 7N -5W in Gradty county. It appears another company taking over. thanks

Got notice for change of operator S19-7N-5W something about rule OCCRP Rule 165:5-7-11. Current operator was suppose to start 3 wells. Guess new operator wants to drill now. Wonder if they complying with original contract, thanks

Newfield has relinquished operations to Continental.

Oops- and the oil & gas lease stays with the minerals as long as it is in force & effect.

Lease stays in affect with new wells drilled new operator Continental

Hello.Does anybody know anything about a CLR well that is supposed to be drilling or may be drilled in Sec-21-8N-7W in Grady County Oklahoma?Thank You in advance.

All the CLR cases at the OCC for that well were dismissed.