Grady County OK Sec9 7N 6W


Any news on spudding the already permitted additional wells in 9-7-6?


Jim, A birdie told me that two Ramsey Wells (#2&3) were Spud this week.


Rick: Super! I gather that they were in 9-7-6?


RAMSEY TRUST 3-16-9-4XHS - SHL = Section 16-7N-6W

  • NOTIFICATION OF WELL SPUD - Spud Date: July 10, 2018

RAMSEY TRUST 2-16-9-4XHS - SHL = Section 21-7N-6W

  • NOTIFICATION OF WELL SPUD - Spud Date: July 11, 2018


Don: Thanks a heap. Looks good. But what does the SHL mean?

Jim B


SHL = Surface Hole Location
BHL = Bottom Hole Location


Thanks, Don. Shoulda been able to figger that out but my ole brain is disfunctional.


Both wells currently drilling at about 12,000’. One stuck & fishing. The
other just got unstuck and are setting intermediate casing that they had not
planned to do.

Todd M. Baker


Todd, Do you happen to have any updates on the Robinson wells going from 22-7N-&W through 15, 10 and 3-7N-6W?


Looking for info on our 80 nma in Grady Co 11-6n-7w. Rebellion is doing the drilling and last we knew were in the horizontal phase. Any info or how to find out anything would be greatly appreciated!!! TIA!


Hi Pat Think there are 2 Robinson wells drilling but not sure as some of these sections don’t have section roads so difficult to tell actual rig locations.